October 20, 2019 - 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week we focus on the importance of constant, continuous prayer. This is something completely foreign to most of us...the idea that we should be in prayer continuously throughout the day. When you pray, are you doing so because you have something troubling you for which you want help? Most people readily pray for help and comfort in hard times but not many people remember to pray with a thankful heart for all that is given to them and all the blessings they enjoy.

Moses continually prayed to the Lord and while he remained in prayer with the staff of God upheld Joshua was defeating Amalek in battle...but when Moses' arms grew weary and they lowered Amalek began to have the upper hand in the battle. This is a very good illustration of the power of continual prayer, and of communal prayer.  The support Moses received from Aaron and Hur reminds me of the help and support we receive for our prayers when we ask others to pray with us, or on our behalf, or when we all pray together in union for the sacrifice of the Holy Mass (said around the world many times every day!), or for the universal prayers of the church, or when we pray a rosary (Mary is our "mediatrix", or "mediator" in our prayers - she supports/strengthens and lifts our prayers, and even perfects them) and it is said all around the world by millions of others, possibly at the same time, possibly for the same cause. 

GOD wants to answer our prayers...sometimes we don't get the answer we want because all things must serve the will of the Lord first, and then it must be what is truly right and good for us and will purify us – and we rarely know what is right and good for us, much less what will purify our hearts and souls. Sometimes we do not think our prayers are answered but maybe we don't recognize the answer for what it is or maybe we cannot "hear" very well.  Have you ever recognized an event in your life as being "a blessing" or an answer to a prayer that you did not realize until you viewed it in hindsight?  I have.  Sometimes even events in our lives we think are horrible in the moment, turn out to have been blessings and even direct answers to our prayers when viewed in hindsight. It may not seem so, but struggle and suffering can be a blessing!  Thank Jesus for the opportunity to be a better YOU when faced with daily frustrations, struggles or suffering!  Offer your own suffering for those poor souls in purgatory, or for all us sinners, and especially for those who do not even know God!  Make lemonade with those lemons!

As the Psalm says this week "I lift up my eyes toward the mountains; whence shall help come to me? My help is from the LORD, who made heaven and earth." 

HE who made all of heaven and earth is certainly able, and willing, to help you and me become what HE intended us to be!  Fully alive, fully human, and SAINTS!  The whole purpose and intention of the Passion

Let's remember to carry on a continuous dialog with the Lord, praying in thanksgiving, praying to offer up our own suffering for the sake of others, praying for strength and courage, praying for understanding and wisdom, praising the Lord for all His marvelous works and with a grateful heart for all the blessings He has bestowed upon us! It isn't all about our aches and pains and sorrows, it's about our love and our joy too! No pain can remove the love and the joy we have for the Lord just as no pain removed His love for us! Our love can be strengthened by our suffering instead! Remind yourself that when you speak to a friend or family member you share both good and bad news and comfort and celebrate together. Our relationship with the Lord shouldn't be any less, that's for certain!

Teach yourself, and your children, to love God with all your heart and soul, mind and body and to always talk to the Lord...praising Him for his greatness, kindness, mercy, sacrifice, and all his works, and say thank you for every good thing/blessing you have received, and asking for help when it is needed, ask for more blessings to purify you, and share your suffering with Jesus for the sake of others, and share joyful, good times with Jesus too! 

Have a blessed week,
In Christ,

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